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Honeywell Hometronic Manager Smart ControlsThe Honeywell Hometronic Manager

You can control your whole house from a central location using the Honeywell Hometronic Manager - Smart Controls – you can choose almost anywhere to locate the Manager, it only needs a power supply, no other wiring.

The simple user smart controls allow you to adjust times, temperatures, blind positions, light levels very easily;Honeywell User Controls

You can control up to 16 different rooms (zones) of heating (and cooling); the rooms can be given real names of your choice (e.g. “Mikes Room”). Got more than 16 rooms ? No-problem, just use another Honeywell Hometronic Manager – the patented radio technology means that you can have as many Managers and controlled devices in your house as you need, with no interference.


In addition to the 16 rooms, you can have up to 16 sensors and 32 modules for switching or dimming lights, controlling blinds, all responding to the signals from one Honeywell Hometronic Manager.


Time Programming is virtually limitless; you can define up to 1600 switching points per week for each zone and device. The switching points allow you to set, for instance, different temperatures for a room at different times of the day.


You may wish, for instance, the reception rooms and kitchen to be at a cooler temperature during the daytime, when you are moving around, than in the evening, when you are sitting still relaxing, maybe watching TV.



Honeywell User Lifestyle Controls Lifestyles are a feature unique to Hometronic. This great idea allows you to put your whole house, or just part of it, into a different operating mode when you want to use your house in a different way.

For instance, you might have guests staying in your house. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to turn up the heating in their room, even turn on power to the TV in their room, just from the touch of a button downstairs ? Better still, when they leave, you can turn it all off again.

Also, when you leave the house, you could arrange for the “away” lifestyle to reduce all room temperatures to a “fabric protection” level, turn off some lights, put other lights into “presence simulation” mode (where they play back a learnt pattern, to make it look like you are still at home), close blinds or security shutters and so on.

Special alarm “lifestyles” can be set up to take special actions on certain events happening; you could make the automatic windows close, for example, if it began to rain. You could shut down the mains water supply if the kitchen floor began to flood.

16 different Lifestyles can be set up in each Hometronic Manager. The unit comes with factory default settings, so Lifestyles will work even if you don’t set them up yourself.

Lifestyles can be triggered by pushing one of the 6 dedicated buttons on the front of the Honeywell Hometronic Manager, or by using the “push and turn” wheel. You can also time and delay the start of a lifestyle (for instance, you can set the duration of a vacation, so that the house is nice and warm when you return).

You can also use external events (e.g. a Fire Alarm) to trigger a Lifestyle

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