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Isn’t it sensible to use energy wisely ?

Did you know that nearly 50% of the CO2 emissions produced by the UK come from heating (and cooling) in buildings ?

Did you know that 66% of the energy we use in a typical UK home is used for space heating, and a further 16% is used for heating hot water ?


Did you know that by 2020 we will be importing over 90% of our Natural Gas ?


Wouldn’t it be sensible to tackle some of these issues now ? We think so.


That’s why Sensible Heat offers goods and services to address some of these problems. Our mission is to make UK residential buildings greener, but at the same time more comfortable, pleasant places to live, by using modern technology. No need to wear a hair shirt, or extra layers of clothing in our green vision !


We can design, supply and commission Home Automation systems which can control not only your Heating and Hot Water systems, but also your lighting, blinds, awnings, security and other systems within your home.


These systems will make life easier and more comfortable for you, whilst saving energy and CO2 emissions at the same time. You can even control your home when you are away using the telephone !


We are experts in Green Technology and have a full understanding of how our controls can interact with a wide range of energy saving systems which you may be considering for your home.


If you are concerned about Global Warming and CO2 emissions, and would like to take some practical steps to do your bit to help, why not contact us ?


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